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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  July 21, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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despite many calls for peace fighting continues in gaza, the death toll is rising, secretary of state john kerry is expected to head to the middle east in the coming days, chris. >> jennifer, thank you. we are following new development in the crash of the malaysia jet line her russian president slat mere putin is blaming this morning. sue, good morning. >> good morning. we have a day that is maybe a smidge more humid then yesterday but basically if you like the weekend you will be okay with today's forecast. we will see if another heat wave is in the future. historic peace one new jersey shore town will be auctioned off today, we will tell you how you can get your hand on it. good morning, everybody. it is monday, july 20th, 2014. 4:00 o'clock straight up in the morning good to see you.
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>> good morning. >> good to be here. >> welshing we will get humidity this week, sue serio because we have been so spoil the last few days. i guess we have earned this, right. >> i think so. so rare for july that we will enjoy every single day when it is not oppressive. oppressive humidity is coming back and we will let you know when in a bit the but lets get you through today and get you going with 68 degrees as you walk out the door, so a little bit on the mild side but not bad, 58 on the poconos where it is extremely pleasant. we have 62 degrees in pottstown. sixty-three in trenton. 64 degrees in wildwood this morning. things will probably be improving at the beach, while we had a decent weekend here but we did have extra clouds it wasn't the best looking weekend with on shore flow and clouds at the beach. lets look at ultimate doppler. in rain around here this morning. what we are watching is a storm system that is off the
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carolina coast. it has got clouds and rain with it. it will influence our weather but we won't get a direct hit. we really don't see anything in the way of showers. looking north and west of the city maybe up towards lehigh valley a stray shower later on in the day but i don't think most of what you are seeing on the future cast will make it to the ground. so plan on a precipitation free kind of a day, 68 degrees, calm wind, 76 percent relative humidity. humidity is always higher in the overnight hours but we will be okay during the day-to-day 567:89:50 is your sunrise time so those days start to get shorter and the phillies, the phillies, they are back in town tonight, 82 degrees will be the temperature, at game time. so we're anticipating hotter more humid wet they are week. we had four heat waves last year and at this time last year we were still in the middle of on an eight day heat wave, it ended on the 21st. today is the 21st. so, that is that.
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so we've got two, so far this year and we may hit number three this week. it is a possibility but not today. we are calling for a high of 85. mostly sunny. just more humid then it has been. tonight we are down to 68 degrees with partly cloudy skies. that is your monday outlook from the weather authority. lets take a look at kacie mcdonnell, good morning. >> good morning, sue serio. we are looking at majors. everything is moving just fine. let go to route 42, southbound side near 554 we have an accident with still no slow down at that scene and construction to look out for, northbound side of 202 at 76 east and devon park drive. we have right lane block. not sure how long that will be with us but we will let you know when it does clear, kerry and chris. kacie, thank you. lets get right to this at the 4:00 another owe three. the international focus continues to focus on israel and gaza as ill viewens worsens. fox 29's jennifer joyce following this development from the news room. good morning, jennifer. >> reporter: good morning, chris. u.n. security council had an
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emergency session to discuss serious concerns about rising civilian death toll in gas a group is demanding an immediate end to the fighting. yesterday we saw first major ground battle in two weeks between israel and hamas, this video shows the violence that was shot overnight. dozens of people were killed yesterday. the death toll from palestinians has surpassed 400, 20 israelis have been killed, the terrifying attacks have forced thousands of palestinian civilians to leave their neighborhood. groups all over the world are calling for peace in this region. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the offensive will continue for as long as necessary to protect its citizens. >> hamas want to kill civilians on the israeli side and the amazing grotesque and gruesome fact is they want to have as many civilians killed on the palestinian side because it gets to you ask me these questions and, of course, our goal, it is not to hurt a single individual.
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not hurt a single civilian what they are doggies a double war crime and it should be condemned with a most forceful acts. >> you have people who come out of tunnels. you have a right to go in and take out those tunnels. we completely support that. we support israel's right to defend itself. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry says we cannot give into hamas if we do it shows we are rewarding terrorism. kerry is expect to head to the middle east in the coming days to help put a stop to the fighting, kerry and chris. >> thanks, jennifer. russian president vladamire putin blaming others for the plane crash that killed nearly 300 people in the ukraine last week. he is under increasing international pressure to reign in rebels in ukraine and allow international inspector to investigate the crash site. pro russian separatist are accused of downing the malaysia airlines flight. secretary of state john kerry says putin is supporting separatists by arming them. for malaysia they say they
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simply want answers. >> i don't know russia, america, who did it but that doesn't help us in anyway here. all we know is that we have a whole plane down on the ground over there and that is what we have to look at and all of the shooting down of aircraft from the sky, i think the whole world should be focused on that. >> european foreign ministers are scheduled to meet tomorrow to consider further sanctions on russia. our top stories in our area heated family argument led to the deadly shooting in west philadelphia yesterday morning. john map was shot and killed on the 6800 block of filbert street. his own brother, who is paraplegic, pull the trigger. investigators say he was beating up his sister when map was shot by his brother confined to the wheelchair. map died a short time later in the hospital. family members said brothers have had fight before but nothing like this.
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>> just you grow up from the sand box and you sit there you hit me in the head. you are the older brother. but not issues as to where there is issues like that. >> so far no charges have been filed, and depend ing on the circumstances, police say it could be a case of self-defense. a little later today we could learn identity of the the person whose body was found in a northeast philadelphia creek. the body found in the creek at penny pack park near 3100 block of rhawn street yesterday. the body is that of a white male. investigators are trying to figure out if the discovery is connected to a missing teen. minivan is gone but damage remains outside a southwest philadelphia row home, this, after the driver jumps the curve, and then slams that car right on to the the porch. it happened sunday morning at 65th and dicks. police say that a woman lost control after crashing into another car, debris, was every where, and a neighbor says that he is grateful that the children weren't playing in
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the front yard. >> unaudible. >> today was a pleasant day, you can go outside. >> minivan was towed away, the driver is the only one injured and she's expect to be okay. the the home that was hit is actually empty and l and i said it didn't receive any structural damage. coming up, we love, our local beer gardens but some lawmakers are raising questions about these popular places. why they would love to tighten the rules. steve keeley is following a story in camden, steve. >> reporter: well, kerry, it must be the most common reported story in the philadelphia area another hit and run and another plea from a local police department to help finding the car
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monday came too quickly, didn't it bye here we are really early on a monday morning and we want to she you the the temperature trend so we can check what it was like over the weekend. we had a lot of clouds with 81 on saturday. eighty-two on sunday. average high is 87. we were below average but in the thick of the summertime, that is kind of a good thing. here's ultimate doppler. we are watching this storm system to the south.
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we don't expect to it actual a affect our weather directly but as it pulls off the coast we will get some clouds, from it, and then maybe a few sprinkles here and there but not today. we will stay dry, for your monday. lets take a look at the future cast and see what it has. we will go through tomorrow morning, and we will see just maybe a few clouds, in the afternoon, tomorrow, north and west of us we will see some rain. to the south of us we will see some rain but we don't really see it making its way here, it is wednesday, late in the day, not in the morning we expect a cold front to come through and see boundary line in the northwest. anytime after 4:00 he clock on wednesday is when we expect some probably thunderstorm activity. it is also the the next time we will reach 90 degrees before those thunderstorms hit on wednesday. today in the bad. 68 degrees in philadelphia. sixty-three dover. sixty-four wildwood. 58 degrees very comfortable morning in the poconos. winds are on the calm side not too much breeze and then 85 degrees our high for today. since we love our alliteration we will call it mild monday. it is not excessively hot, i think you can make it through this one. we will talk about the rest of
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the seven day forecast, coming up, kacie. >> thanks very much, sue. talking about construction, this was with us last week and with us this week northbound side of i-95 at the the walt whitman bridge and columbus boulevard one lane gets by at that scene there. heading southbound some more construction between broad street and walt whitman bridge again, one lane gets by. that is only jammed spot on the whole map around the city, guys. several pennsylvania lawmakers are expressing concern, about the pop up beer gardens around philadelphia they include those on independence mall, and at spruce industries harbor park at penns landing. a loop hole in state liquor laws allows licenses ease with catering permits to serve alcohol for private events at unlicensed locations but now, some are getting multiple permits and then using them to object rate beer gardens for weeks at a time. liquor control board is reviewing that law. 4:13. camden police identified the vehicle they believed was involved with the hit and run
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over the weekend. one man is in critical condition this morning. steve keeley is live in camden with the details, steve? >> reporter: well, good news is the man is critical and still alive right at cooper hospital right across the street from police headquarters where this investigation, continues. now lets the go to the video of this hit and run happened just past nine saturday here in camden and within 24 hours police put out this 172nd surveillance clip of the white van that they say critically hurt the man who was opening the door of his car that was park here on north 27th street when he was hit. the video shows what is thought to be a white ford van going down north 27th street towards river road, to make a getaway. police believe not only is it white and a ford but they think it has damage on both passenger side where the accident happened and likely front end as well, on the passenger side of that van. so about a day and a half ago this happened and they have been looking for this van all weekend. they figure it is somebody local because that is not a
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road would you drive through if you were just going through camden from philadelphia to the suburbs. so they are actively looking for this van and actively hoping for this man to pull through and maybe he got a good look at the driver as he remembers what happened. still critical and still alive here at cooper hospital as we have latest hit and run case on this side of the river here in camden. kerry and chris. >> very good steve, thank you. 4:15. higher airline security fees going into effect today. fee is $5.60 a flight with any connection longer than four hours, counting as a separate flight. the previous fee was $2.50 for non-stop flights and five bucks for connecting flights. tsa estimates this hike will generate $16.9 billion. cooler temperatures and lighter wind may help fire fighters in washington state. this fire is still burning but the threat of more evacuations and damage is dying down. so that is good. this massive fire has destroyed more than a hundred homes.
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it has been burning since july 14th when lightening strikes started it. fire crews are slowing things down by lighting a back burn. >> the flames to get up in the evergreen trees, once it gets up there it has a lot of extra fee in the content in the pine needles. >> that is one of the sheriffs there tells us that it is a miracle that no one has been died or seriously injured. meanwhile a colorado highway is opened after being closed down by a mud slide. it was shut down over the weekend leaving a long line of cars on the road and a lot of frustrated people, stranded in the surrounding areas. the slide cause by heavy rain there which also led to flooding, officials say it is hard to predict where mud slides could hit or how severe they will be. fortunately no cars were stuck and no one was hurt. another wave of gun violence in chicago over weekend leaves at least four people dead and more than two dozen hurt. federal officials are sending more atf agents to chicago to
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help cities police department fight this violence. this is second rash of shootings in as many weeks. during fourth of july weekend 14 people were killed and dozens more were injured. chicago police say they have not arrested anyone yet in the death of the 11 year-old girl struck by a stray bullet while at a friend's house for a sleep over. investigators are hunting for gunman who fired the shot who struck shemya adams in the head. family had a vigil last night to call witnesses to come forward to find the killer. police say a seven year-old pennsylvania boy was discovered starving, severely beaten in his own home. discovery last made last month in greenville. his mother and grandparents were just charged last week. investigators say he weighed just 20 pounds when he was found, and that he had resorted to eating bugs, during brief times that he was let out of his house. activist in new york holding this rally over weekend demanding answers in the death of a man who died during a struggle with police.
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yesterday, it was announce that had four emergency workers have been pulled from their jobs while they conduct an investigation in the incident that killed eric gardener. gardener died after police placed him in an apparent choke hold during an arrest on thursday. two emt and two paramedics responded to the medical call on what they call modified duty. this comes after two officers involve in the arrest were assigned to desk duty. dozen of people are flock to go a small town in spring, florida, where a sink hole swallowed an entire street. here's the video for you, take a look at this sink hole is 30 feet deep and spans the entire street. the gap grew over the weekend. one home owner was forced to evacuate. now a contractor will survey damage today to see what can be done to prevent further damage. a hot air balloon crashed in massachusetts and passenger inside were pretty badly
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hurt. this is cell phone video of what happened on saturday in the neighborhood in massachusetts. witnesses say balloon was trying to land in the residential community when it hit some power lines and it burst into flames. five people on board were burned, the faa is investigating. four people are dead following a plane crash in air zone, single engine plane crashed, in fey canyon 3:30 yesterday afternoon. officials say it ignited a brush fire and the cause of the that crash is under investigation as well. nineteen inmates in texas sent to the hospital after the roof of their prison collapsed. prison guards say most of the inmate suffered cuts and bruises, when wallboard fell from the ceiling. there were 86 inmates there. the cause of the collapse is under investigation. a major blow for same sex marriage in colorado, licenses are on hold as a judge hears an a appeal claiming those marriages are unconstitutional. colorado supreme court issuing an injunction last friday stopping officials from issuing anymore licenses. early, a lower court has ruled that the state's ban on same
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sex marriages was unconstitutional. >> the the attorney general continues to pursue at peels, creating the chaos, so let the courts decide and until we can all do what is right. >> colorado's attorney general says he will continue to fight to enforce the ban. a net of passing this morning, actor james garner has died. >> garner was best known for his work in the tv classic series maverick and rockford files and in movies like notebook and space call boys. he was found dead of natural causes inside of his brentwood, california home. garner was 86 years old. i think we all remember the answering machine, sue serio from rockford files, right, i loved that show. >> it had a cool theme song. >> it didn't. >> ♪ >> i would only do that at this hour. >> okay, kerry is like what is
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that. >> what did i agree to? >> see what you missed by being young. here's the weather for day, really tranquil out there this morning and it is not too bad. you know humidity is coming back this week. you know it had to eventually but today we will still be on the comfortable side especially this morning. now this afternoon it will be warmer, more sun then we had over weekend. it will be better at the beach today then it was over weekend as well but you will feel more humidity then the the heat and humidity will build by middle of the week. we will have a couple days with temperatures in the 90's, will we get heat wave number three? that of course remains to be seen. that is what to expect from the weather authority, here's what to expect on the roads from kacie, hey. >> we have one accident, a lot of construction but one accident southbound side of 42 right around 544 we will update own that but no huge slow downs just yet at the scene, kerry. 4:21. pro golfer rory mcilroy's dad
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wins big on his son's victory at the british open, why he is cashing in this morning.
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i don't know how much i can say to the phillies fans about your baseball team but reuben amaro should tray anyone except cole hamels. lets go to atlanta phillies down two-one. kyle kendrick, four-12 since
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last august, hits two batters, hits a batter there. he also, walked two batter. this one with the bases loaded. braves scored four runs in the third. alex wood just shut them down. codey ash strikes out four times, dominic brown twice. phillies lose eight-two to atlanta british open, history, to royal liverpool in england. rory mcilroy a two stroke lead into 18. that is his third shot on the par five. he needs two putt to par. he does. he wins by two strokes over sergio gar see a tiger woods is 23 strokes back of the leader. the that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. you've got to love this, right. confident in your son. speaking of rory mcilroy. his father jerry is $170,000 richer this months his son's win. yes, he said in a news release he placed a 500 to one bet on his son a decade ago to land
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the coveted, win, within ten years. well, two friends of rory's father also collected on a similar wager. >> smart bet. >> yeah, he used his kid as a projectty. >> yeah. >> 4:26. never happen to us. the toronto blue jays games get interrupted by a couple of friends, pair of pigeons entered their closed roof stadium. >> time out, bird crossing. taking his time too, um. >> it is a flock. >> why doesn't one run up there and push him away. >> there we go. >> why didn't someone run up. >> they are all standing up there and looking. >> he was going to throw, yeah. >> that is the same field you might remember dave winfield threw a baseball and killed it. they are leery of that in toronto. >> sure. >> blue jays if you care won
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four-one against the rangers. forget watering the lawn some people are painting it. wait until you hear how this works. a famous street in callus opened once again, why it was shut down, next.
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developing this morning, fighting continues in the middle east, where israel
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continues to shell neighborhoods in the gaza strip as secretary of state john kerry is heading overseas to push for a cease-fire. there are new developments in the crash for malaysia jet line they are morning is there a possible delay in the investigation? why officialness kiev said they won't go to the crash site. closer to home a domestic dispute ends in deadly gunfire when a man kills his own brother whom police say he was trying to protect. police are looking for a hit and run driver in camden who left one person in critical condition. the the latest on their investigation and a look at new surveillance video. 4:30 is the time, good day, monday, july 21st, 2014. so what did you do this weekend. >> i unpacked boxes. >> that is exciting. >> you did move something much more enjoyable, so let us know what you did, use the hash tag, fox 29 weekend. >> so top that did you unpack boxes as well. >> no, i should have been, clutter is all over my house
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and i didn't just move either. i looked around and said i should be doing that but we went to the movies instead. >> so hopefully you had a good time this weekend. >> that you see. >> begin again, the mark rufalo. we liked it. romantical in the way and it was good. all right. adam le vine was in it as well and he sings good. there is my review. lets look at the weather we will start off with the temperatures as we walk out the door, 68 degrees in philadelphia, it pretty comfortable every where else. sixty-seven reading. lancaster add 64. down the shore in wildwood starting out with 64 degrees this early hour, not much to show you on ultimate doppler in our area a storm we're watching to the south, which is, affecting some of the beaches of the carolinas, this morning but we will not get a direct hit from that storm, we will get some clouds from it before it pull is a way. we will look quickly at the
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future cast. it has sprinkles up in the lehigh valley today. we will stay dry though, it really isn't until wednesday that we expect some rocking and rolling thunderstorms. so 68 degrees as we said right now with relative humidity at 76 percent. sunrise time is ten of 6:00. phillies start a four game series with the giants tonight they are back in town, if you are heading to the ballpark you should have after i nice night with 82 degrees when first pitch is thrown and a southeasterly breeze at five to 10 miles an hour. we have had about four heat waves last year. we need to catch up. we only had two, three days in length each of them. it is a possibility that we will get a heat wave today when we look at the seven day forecast i'll explain. today i don't think we will make it to 90 degrees. how about 85. a bit, a little bit, more humid then over the weekend. tonight is down to 68 degrees. a bit of the milder night, but we will notice the difference starting tomorrow with the sticky weather. you knew they were coming
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back, kacie. >> of course, absolutely but at least we're prepare. thanks very much, sue. westbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike fort washington to norristown right lane blocked and heading in the opposite direction norristown to fort washington on the eastbound side, left lane block there. you will have touch and go slow downs as you, head through that stretch, looking at majors around the city everything looks good. lots of 50's out there taking a look you can see that slow down on the turnpike is only thing you need to look out for, chris. lets turn to this, overseas, international crisis continues on israel and gaza as violent conflict worsens. fox 29's jennifer joyce following this story from the news room, good morning, jennifer. >> reporter: after a two week pause the ground battle is back and in fully affect in gas a yesterday roughly 65 palestinians and 13 israeli soldiers were killed, the u.n. security council held an emergency session last night to discuss, quote serious concerns about the rising civilian deaths toll, in gaza, and the group is demanding an immediate end to the fighting.
4:34 am
many people are calling for peace but the strikes continue. the death toll for palestinians has surpassed 400, and about 20 israeli soldiers have been killed as a terrifying attacks have forced thousands of palestinian civilians to leave their neighborhood. secretary of state john kerry says he is supporting israel, and that we cannot give into the terrorist group, hamas. >> hamas has to understand you cannot just sit there and claim a moral recollect tudor the the the higher ground while you are busy rocketing people and capturing people and digging tunnels to attack them, and this has to stop. now we have indicated our willingness to be a fair mediator, arbitrator to try to come in together with others in order to negotiate the key issues, but you cannot reward this terrorism with a bunch of preconditions up front, there has to be a humanitarian or some kind of a cease-fire.
4:35 am
>> i just want your viewers to imagine the the united states being bombarded, not in one city, or two cities, but in every city between new york and colorado. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says offensive in gaza will continue for as long as necessary to keep israeli civilians safe. john kerry is expect to head to the middle east in the coming days to help put ate stop to the fighting, kerry and chris. >> we will keep an eye on that, thank you, jenny. investigators say they won't go to the scene of the plane crash in ukraine until they are assured there is security. meanwhile pro russian rebels are denying rebels are trying to tamper with evidence. russian president putin is facing increasing pressure to reign in rebels after international officials say the jet was shot down killing all 298 people on board police are looking for a hit and run driver in camden, new jersey. new surveillance video showing the white van that police
4:36 am
believe was involved. the victim was run down, saturday night on the 200 block of north 27th street. officers say that he was trying to get into his car. that man is in the hospital in critical condition. the van is described as an early model, 2004, and if you have any information that can help police, give them a call. heated family argument led to the deadly shooting in west philadelphia yesterday morning. john map, shot and killed on the 5800 block of filbert street. police say that his own brother, who is a paraplegic, is the one that pulled the trigger. investigators say map was beating up his sister when he was shot by his brother who was confined to the wheelchair. map died a short while later at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. family members say the brothers had gotten into fights before but nothing like this. >> just you grow up, from the sand box, you sit there and you hit me in the head. you are the older brother, you know. but not issues where it is like this was issues like
4:37 am
that. >> so far no charges have been filed. depending upon the circumstances, police say it could be a case of self-defense. a popular grocery store in mount laurel, new jersey will be closed for a few days, yes, wegmans on two centerton road, had an electrical fire that broke out in the produce department over the the weekend. the store was evacuated. no one was hurt. it may be closed until wednesday when workers clean up the store and throw away all of the produce and products affect. thousands have been seeing a special relic on display at cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul in center city. >> the relic holds the blood of the recently canonized pope john paul the second. after each mass there was a blessing and many prayers asking for his heavenly inter session. so still ahead, this is one way to make the grass greener some people are now painting their lawns. where is this hatching and why homeowners say they have no choice. plus, a special piece of the seaside heights ball word
4:38 am
is going on to the auction block, we will tell you thousand get your hand
4:39 am
4:40 am
4:40. happening today a community, rallying to support the victims of the deadly southwest philadelphia fire. a benefit concert taking place tonight at 7:00 at first baptist church at seventh first and woodland avenue. this tragic fire claim the lives of four children during the july 4th weekend. this past sat the day, the
4:41 am
community held another benefit concert to raise awareness and donations. a fixture on the seaside heights boardwalk is scheduled for the auction block. >> 1910, carousal that weathered super storm sandy and a major fire a year later may be no more. treasure along the boards at casino beach pier featured 58 hand carved figures and historic organ. one of the few original. if a buyer cannot be found it will be auctioned off this fall and there is no word if in fact it will remain intact. i will be out their life at 9:00 o'clock hour of "good day philadelphia" to discuss the carousal's future. >> i feel like they will auction it off this bits and pieces and everybody will have a little will piece of that carousal. >> am i right or was it made in philadelphia. >> yes, a locally made, way back in the beginning of the century. >> we used to do that kind of stuff around here. anyway, i think you are also probably happy for the chance
4:42 am
to go to the beach today, chris murphy. >> i am. >> so, lucky day at the beach. we are expecting more sunshine than what we saw over the weekend. a few clouds out there. it is still comfortable as we get started this morning. as you head out the the door most of the temperatures are in the 60's. mostly sunny throughout the afternoon, 82 degrees by lunchtime and we will top off at 85 degrees today. normal high is 87. we will call it a mild monday. sunset time is 8:24. so still those nice long july days, kacie but we are halfway through july can you believe it. >> i cannot believe it, july 21st today. thanks very much. looking at your majors we have no problems to let you know about but we have some construction. we have one accident on 42 north, side from that though you can see things moving just fine, kerry. >> very good, thank you. 4:42. beer lovers beware, some small craft brewers are having a little bit of trouble, craft brewers are having a little bit of trouble, sethe wonder of summer is that
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i never know what kind of adventure awaits. the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment.
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so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me. the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 sedan with complimentary first month's payment. starting at $319 a month.
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clean up underway, rather after a train key rails, in bucks county pennsylvania train going off the track yesterday near a river in susquehanna township. four of the 12 cars were carrying coal. fire department officials say the mechanical issue caused the cars to derail. indiana farmers are having a hard time keeping up with the demand for hopps thanks to the rise in craft beers. brewer scott says that he has
4:46 am
to contract with farmers for hopps a year in advance. he said he usually has to work out with the state farmers but scott says buying hop ps locally has its advantages. >> the closer i can get ingredients, the the better. not only does it save money but you kind of know where it is coming from. you you get to talk to the people firsthand and get a feel for the product. >> one indiana farmer says that the demand is so high he can sell certain hopps for up to $15 per pound, wow. after a month of weekend shut downs world famous attraction is back open for traffic after being shut down for an experiment. locals want this portion of the street to stay closed during the weekends and opened during the week because of all of the congestion, san francisco, mta tried it but so far no official compromise has been reached. the most crooked street in the world. much needed rain falling in sonoma county in northern
4:47 am
california, bringing home. >> they certainly need it. in this town a rare sight to see this time of the year, a light, monsoonal rain. fairly uncommon in july but residents welcoming this weather. while it is unusual, it is still in the enough rain to turn off the sprinklers. i don't think they are allowed to use those sprinklers right now. >> no, no. >> it is not easy these days for california to keep a green lawn with the drought, water restrictions. >> but as fox's howell eisner many are chosing to have their yard painted green to save money. >> far corner we start. >> reporter: think of it like dying your hair as kerry mccoy dying or painting grass is a big drought helper. once color is sprayed on water for your lawn can be turned off. she says lots of people are starting to discover this very different technique. >> as soon as the water sanctions hit and as soon as people find their water bills rising and rising, they are looking for ways to cut back
4:48 am
on their expenses, and that is when they start calling. we're going to try to match this color with the parts that are in good shape and we do that by adding dye and then diluting it with water. >> reporter: it all works, kathy says that the experiment will be worthwhile. take a look at her yard. it has brown spots. the the sunnies beating down on the yard is having an impact here. she worries about the impact of the drought. >> i think it is real. i think it is real. i think we need to pay attention. >> reporter: she's trying to save money but also water. >> we may be heading toward a time when we will not be able to have our grass to be, you know, watered freely so you know i think it is a real scary thing. it is a real thing. >> reporter: when done, she's saying she likes what she is seeing. >> i think it looks like nice green, green grass. >> reporter: mccoy says now there is no need to the water, mow the lawn or worry about the health of the lawn. >> it doesn't really daze completely it just goes
4:49 am
dormant during a hot summer months. >> reporter: in three months it will need another paint job. >> and then when the wintertime comes when we start getting the rape, hopefully then it will start to turn green again. >> reporter: so take a look at this, the before, and after, pretty big difference, right? mccoy says it cost 275 for a thousand square feet. this is about half of that. as far as dye itself she says it is vegetable based, not toxic so it cannot hurt children or people. howell eisner "fox news". a new party trip for prince george in time for his first birthday. >> newly released photo that shows the future king walking. prince george turns one tomorrow. peter rabbit theme birthday party was held over the weekend and his grandmother, carol middleton, who is a party planner so she hosted the whole thing. another party will be hosted for him by his parents at kensington palace.
4:50 am
well, as if that weren't entertaining enough, topping entertainment headlines rocker adam le vine is a married man. >> maroon five front man, married this weekend. pair wed in a ceremony in mexico. >> is that what she wore. >> i doubt it. >> although, she could. she looks fabulous. >> 275 guest is a tended including robert downey, junior. so beyonce may have hinted at her involvement in the 50 shades of gray movie. >> now i will go see it. >> is that the only way your wife allows you to. >> no, i just like her. >> singer releasing a couple clips of the the trailer for perfect movie on her instagram page. clip where is covered with what sound like a different rendition of her craze any love song. the official 50 shades of gray trailer won't be released until thursday but this would not be the the first time that she lends her voice to a sound track. >> speaking of beyonce, beyonce and jay-z texas fan wanted to runaway when they saw how much they had to pay
4:51 am
to park for their concert according to a web site, in houston. concert goers were shocked to learn that they have to pay $60 just to park. web site is reporting that the lots that usually cost between 20 and 30 bucks for astros games were charging as much as $80. getting gouged. >> sounds about right, right? 4:51. it is time for a check of weather. people will pay it, don't you think. >> once you got your ticket and you are there you don't i have choice. >> can you imagine pulling up and they say 80 collars to park. wouldn't you be upset. >> yes, i think i would go home. speaking of 80's how is that for an awkward segway but best we got early on a monday morning. we have had temperatures in the 80's the past five days all the way through the weekend. it was a comfortable weekend. eighty-one was our high on saturday, 82 on sunday. so not bad. here's ultimate doppler, a
4:52 am
disturbance here down in the carolinas, kind of messing up peoples vacation down there at least this morning with clouds cover, that is what we have had over weekend at our beaches, it was kind of cloudy, folks not real happen bye that but we are getting rain, either and it looks like a better day at the beach today. don't see any clouds. we have satellite picture here on ultimate doppler as well. so the future cast shows us that rain continuing to our south. we will get a little bit popping up to the north and west but nothing going on today for rain. we will be rain free, throughout the day, tomorrow even though we will see some rain popping up, on north and west of us, it will get hot and more humid so we will get pop up thunderstorms. that is a chance for tomorrow. now wednesday we have an actual cold front coming through that is the day when we will pop up with late day showers and thunderstorms and we will probably make it to the 90's on wednesday, main even on thursday but today is confidentable 68 degrees in the city. fifty-eight mount pocono. forty-six in wildwood. calm winds for the most part
4:53 am
and we will see a few clouds mixed with our sunshine today. here it is our your seven day forecast. we will not make it to 80 or 90 to take but we will be close to it tomorrow. with 92 in the forecast for wednesday, 90 on thursday, this could be heat wave number three of the season. the thunderstorms possible late in the day on wednesday, possibly lasting into thursday morning, but once again, friday, and saturday look like the best weather days out of this package and it looks like we could get late day thunderstorms on sunday but that is early call for another, halfway decent weekend, kacie. >> looks good, sue but we are cutting it close tomorrow and next few days with the heat wave. southbound side of 42 right at 544, we have an accident, no slow down at the scene, looks green there, everything moving along so hopefully pushed over to the shoulder. north bound side of 202 at 76 we have construction there block the right lane not a huge slow down but just something to look out for, chris. coming up, it is terrifying for any beauty queen to walk across the stage
4:54 am
wearing a bikini let alone wearing a medical device? newly crowned miss idaho is doing just that, how she's inspiring others who shar
4:55 am
4:56 am
welcome back at 4:56 an this monday morning as we take a beautiful look over olde city. bool foot lights. little more humid to day. >> you love your family. i mean here we are, in the commercial break and you are
4:57 am
get a picture of your little baby. don't you get enough. that is love, looking at the the baby at work. >> speaking of beautiful newly crowned miss idaho is proudly wearing a medical device during competition. >> this is 20 year-old sierra sander son who has type one diabetes and she wore her insulin pull april attached to her bikini. fans are praising her as a positive role model for those suffering from the same disease. she will compete in the miss america pageant, in atlantic city any september. >> yeah, we have to go out to meet her. send a camera for sure, a great story. national partnership for women and family say conditions are better for working parents here in the u.s. but the u.s. still has a long way to go. >> according to the organizations expecting better report, california, is the only state that got an a. eleven states fell in the b range, eight states, including new jersey and pennsylvania were given a c, and 14 were in the d range, and then 17
4:58 am
states, including delaware, and were given f's. >> um-hmm. >> so still ahead local lawmakers are targeting philadelphia's beer gardens. why they would like to tighten rules on these popular places. a a hot air balloon falls from the the sky but everyone survives. the explosion that set the whole thing off.
4:59 am
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